Battered Banana From A Bucket

Posted on November 28, 2010


One of the greatest things about Vietnamese street food is that it’s everywhere.

There are sidewalk stalls and food carts in just about every street, selling everything from sugar cane juice to fried fishballs on a stick. The food is usually cooked right before your eyes, usually on a tiny gas burner or a charcoal cooker.

Most of Ho Chi Minh City’s street food delights were closed to me before I met Darling Man. I could point and order but the process was painful and the food was usually very disappointed. Darling Man opened up a whole new world. Not only did he know the best places, he showed me what to wrap, what to dip and which dipping sauce to use. The man is a genius!

While strolling around Con Dao island we found a lady cooking and selling banana fritters. She was wedged in a corner of someone’s patio, surrounded by buckets of banana and sweet potato and two home-made charcoal cookers.

It’s the kind of cheap and cheerful street stall that’s set up every afternoon near school gates across Vietnam. The buckets of banana and the cooking canister would all fit on the front of a motorbike, to be transported to the most lucrative selling spot.

Within seconds, Darling Man had ordered a pair of beautifully battered flattened bananas. The batter slightly sweet and flavored with poppy seeds. Wrapped in a square of newspaper, our fried fare was as transportable as the seller’s stall.

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