The author

This is a blog notebook about life after dropping out.

Food. Fun. Friends. Family. Photos. Random thoughts. Overheard conversations. More food. The stuff that happens when you take the time to stop and smell the incense. As well as adventures with a baby in Asia.

In 2007 I hit the wall. Rather than pushing through I quit, put my stuff in storage and went to Ho Chi Minh City on a one-way ticket. I did a teaching course, taught English, edited translated news stories for a newspaper and worked as a consultant for a major Vietnamese media group. I rode a motorbike in chaotic traffic, kayaked in Laos, washed elephants, drank beer while sitting on tiny stools, danced to Vietnamese hip hop, tried my best to learn a new language (the most difficult one in the world, by the way), drank cocktails on the beach in the Philippines, got lost in Kuala Lumpur and generally had an absolute blast. Along the way I met a wonderful man and we had a gorgeous baby together.

Now I’m back working full-time, plotting another escape. I broke free from the rat race once before and I’m planning to do so again. May 2012 is the official launch date, when our little Miss will be two-and-a-half. To prepare for the trip I am researching all kinds of terms that a new to me, such as lifestyle design, location independent, digital nomad and lifehack. There’s so much to learn and so many people already doing this.

Hopefully some of my musings will inspire others to take the leap into whatever it is they dream about. Even if my musings are a bit rough, bashed out in the few spells of quiet time that a working mum gets. I am so much happier since I made the leap. Traveling and living overseas has been enormously rewarding, with the biggest realisation being that you don’t need very many things to be happy.

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By the way – I am blogging anonymously for two main reasons. The first is to protect Darling Man’s family from any kind of retribution from the super-sensitive and paranoid Vietnamese government. The second is to protect my job. (That might be a bit too dramatic, maybe the real reason is to protect myself from having my colleagues laugh at me.)

Thanks for visiting!


2 Responses “The author” →
  1. hey anon,
    thanks for your comment on my Cow Dow letter
    how did you find me?
    who are you? I’ll never tell …

    • My true identity is top secret … until I quit my job. Then I’ll have an identity launch party. You’ll be invited, Jan, don’t worry!
      I found you through TBEX.


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