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How Santa Lost His Head In Ho Chi Minh City

December 30, 2010


The three nước ngoài (foreigners) in the office were focussed on meeting the 8pm deadline for putting the paper to bed on Christmas Eve. Our Vietnamese co-workers were, as was usually the case, a lot more relaxed about the time. The office was tinseled up, the mood was festive and bright but my Canadian colleague […]

Christmas Culture Clash

December 17, 2010


Darling Man is Buddhist and a minimalist. Trying to make him understand the mish-mash of Christmas traditions is difficult. So when I announced I was buying the baby three Christmas presents, a discussion began that appeared to be a highway to an argument. “Buy them in Vietnam,” he said, dismissively. “It’s cheaper.” “But we’re going […]

Durga Puja In Singapore

October 14, 2010


Durga Puja is a nine-day Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil through the worship of nine different forms of the goddess Durga, known as Ma Durga, or Mother Durga. The festival is held twice a year, in April-May and in September-October, depending on the lunar calendar. Food forms an important part of […]

Toilet Torture in Kathmandu

October 9, 2010


Halfway up the many steps of Kathmandu’s Monkey Temple, Rachel and I looked at each other in horror. “Oh God,” she said, and clutched her stomach. “Me too,” I said, clutching mine. And we started to move a bit quicker. Somehow the diarrhoea that had dogged us for the entire 10 hour bus trip up […]

Fun With French Photographers

October 9, 2010


The resort town of Nha Trang. Two French photographers snapping a quaint old church on the edge of town. They spot the school. They cannot resist. They wave through the windows, grinning like crazy men.  The children spill out of the tiny classroom, squealing with excitement. Some are shy, some show off, singing and doing […]