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Help! I Need Somebody

January 12, 2011


In Singapore, many families — local and expat — have a helper. In Vietnam, families have maids, known as người giúp or “help person”. In Western countries, parents can get some respite from parenting in the form of babysitters, family members, friends and day care facilities. For the last six months we’ve had no help — […]

Christmas Culture Clash

December 17, 2010


Darling Man is Buddhist and a minimalist. Trying to make him understand the mish-mash of Christmas traditions is difficult. So when I announced I was buying the baby three Christmas presents, a discussion began that appeared to be a highway to an argument. “Buy them in Vietnam,” he said, dismissively. “It’s cheaper.” “But we’re going […]

My Baby Is A Rockstar!

December 13, 2010


She only needs a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete the picture. She’s got everything else – big hair, an entourage, drivers and hordes of adoring fans. Like the best rock stars, she’s often loud and inappropriate in public. She can trash a room in under a minute and she puts the “aaaaaaaahhhhh” into diva when there’s […]

Sneaky Smiles On The Bus

October 13, 2010


We were wedged in between a grumpy-faced Chinese lady and a dark Malay worker with downcast eyes, bumping along from one side of Singapore to another. I had Miss M clasped in my lap, worried an extra-strong bump or a sudden brake would send her flying out a window. Miss M was oblivious to the […]

Hotfooting It To Singapore Children’s Hospital

October 9, 2010


A trip to the emergency department is a right of passage for most new parents. I thought we were going to make it through the first year, free and clear. But one month shy of her first birthday, Miss M developed an alarmingly high fever. I tried to avoid a midnight trip to hospital by […]

Rejoining The Rat Race

October 7, 2010


A surge of adrenaline hit my chest. My heart missed a beat. I couldn’t breathe in. A two-sentence email had just ruined my life. The email cordially informed me I had no job. My nine-week-old baby gurgled at my feet. How could I look after my new family without the job? From that moment, all […]