Photo Friday – A Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh Christmas

December 23, 2010


Vietnamese Santa

I had two bittersweet Christmases in Ho Chi Minh City. Bitter because I was so far from my family, sweet because I was in an amazing and exotic city with many new adventurous friends (and Darling Man for the second one.) Downtown Saigon was filled with flashing lights (sponsored by Heinekin one year), balloon sellers, […]

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Christmas Culture Clash

December 17, 2010


Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City

Darling Man is Buddhist and a minimalist. Trying to make him understand the mish-mash of Christmas traditions is difficult. So when I announced I was buying the baby three Christmas presents, a discussion began that appeared to be a highway to an argument. “Buy them in Vietnam,” he said, dismissively. “It’s cheaper.” “But we’re going […]

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Hor Fun For The Whole Family

December 17, 2010


hor fun

It seemed about time we tried a Singaporean dish that’s been making us smirk since we first spotted it seven months ago. And so our little family set off for a ho lot of family fun. Hor fun, also spelled ho fun, is a type of flat rice noodle, usually served with chicken and prawn. In our multi-lingual […]

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My Baby Is A Rockstar!

December 13, 2010


Con Dao Island airport

She only needs a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete the picture. She’s got everything else – big hair, an entourage, drivers and hordes of adoring fans. Like the best rock stars, she’s often loud and inappropriate in public. She can trash a room in under a minute and she puts the “aaaaaaaahhhhh” into diva when there’s […]

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Banh Khot, A Vung Tau Street Speciality

December 9, 2010


Vung Tau street food

Every little village in Vietnam seems to have its own special dish. When Vietnamese travel in their own country, trying the local speciality is an absolute must — and I am more than happy to tag along, eating multi-course multi-site meals, with plenty of exotic snacks in between. In Vung Tau, a former fishing village turned […]

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Going Overseas For Dinner

December 5, 2010


Malaysian satay

As seven teksi drivers loudly discussed my tattered scrap of notepaper, I wondered if going to Malaysia for dinner was actually a good idea. As it was, we were hours behind schedule. Darling Man had gotten mesmerised by his garden, even before a jackfruit fell, damaging a nearby papaya tree. We left home at 6pm […]

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Why Dropping Out Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

December 2, 2010


At the end of 2006 I was a wreck. I was bowed down by financial commitments, a huge workload and deadlines. I felt time poor and hugely burdened by household chores. I also felt like I was drowning in the advice, advertising and admonishments the modern world sprays at every consumer, like a police riot squad […]

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