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The Wedding Shoe Shuffle

January 20, 2011


After all the effort of booking flights and hotels, acquiring visas and catching a taxi at 6am to get to the wedding, I missed the main event. And probably ruined the private family ceremony, my blunders captured for eternity by the official photographer and the official videographer. I spent all day waiting around, chasing an overly-energetic […]

How Santa Lost His Head In Ho Chi Minh City

December 30, 2010


The three nước ngoài (foreigners) in the office were focussed on meeting the 8pm deadline for putting the paper to bed on Christmas Eve. Our Vietnamese co-workers were, as was usually the case, a lot more relaxed about the time. The office was tinseled up, the mood was festive and bright but my Canadian colleague […]

Photo Friday – A Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh Christmas

December 23, 2010


I had two bittersweet Christmases in Ho Chi Minh City. Bitter because I was so far from my family, sweet because I was in an amazing and exotic city with many new adventurous friends (and Darling Man for the second one.) Downtown Saigon was filled with flashing lights (sponsored by Heinekin one year), balloon sellers, […]

My Baby Is A Rockstar!

December 13, 2010


She only needs a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete the picture. She’s got everything else – big hair, an entourage, drivers and hordes of adoring fans. Like the best rock stars, she’s often loud and inappropriate in public. She can trash a room in under a minute and she puts the “aaaaaaaahhhhh” into diva when there’s […]

Battered Banana From A Bucket

November 28, 2010


One of the greatest things about Vietnamese street food is that it’s everywhere. There are sidewalk stalls and food carts in just about every street, selling everything from sugar cane juice to fried fishballs on a stick. The food is usually cooked right before your eyes, usually on a tiny gas burner or a charcoal […]

Gruesome Garden Restaurant

November 17, 2010


There was a commotion in the next room. “They just killed the chicken for us,” Darling Man said. I hadn’t been listening when Darling Man ordered, busy keeping Miss M occupied. I did hear the old guy taking the order saying “we don’t have seafood” though. “No seafood!” I interjected, then let the complicated flow […]

Wonderfully Wild Weedy Wraps

November 11, 2010


Herbs are not for dainty garnishes in Vietnam. They are used in abundance, great fistfuls of them. Mounds of weedy-looking leaves are served alongside soup, the leaves to be stripped and thrown into the hot broth to wilt. Darling Man and I found a place that serves virtual mountains of scraggy leaves, arranged in an […]